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About Us!

Welcome to our Passion!

Repstyles is a small family owned business located in the Heart of the Ozarks, a few miles from Branson, MO. Four generations of family members, each with different talents and skills, have come together to create a unique business with the purpose of enriching people’s lives with the unique beauty, color, humor, and companionship that reptiles can provide.

Appreciating the aesthetic and kinesthetic extremes that the world of reptiles can bring to our lives, we have utilized our group’s talent in uniquely creative ways. By combining live reptiles with original paintings and photography, we believe we can demonstrate just how special reptiles can be. Many people who claim no affinity for snakes or lizards can, and do appreciate some of the images we produce. We are happy you have found our custom website and hope that you will click on some of the images to view them in high quality. We are under construction but moving very quickly (Thank you Bryce!) in order to make visiting our site as easy as possible for you. Our contact page contains information on emailing us. You are also welcome to follow our facebook site, 'RepStyles.US’ and join our group ‘RepStyles Premium Reptiles’. We welcome questions and comments and are also happy to communicate via private message.

One of our Primary Goals is to expand the presence of reptiles in Our lives and Yours. RepStyles produces Premium, Captive Bred, Healthy Reptiles in a very unique setting. And though we are ready to ship our products, we welcome you to visit us by appointment. In addition to offering a selection of live Ball Pythons and Northern Blue Tongue Skinks, RepStyles offers original artwork, posters, custom enclosures and accessories, live and frozen feeders, vivarium safe plants, creative t-shirt designs, and an original hand crafted jewelry line inspired by the numerous Ball Python Morphs. We are also developing a plan for hosting/attending local birthday parties or gatherings, bringing a selection of reptiles to your gathering. And of course, we are continually developing new ways to share our enthusiasm.

RepStyles is Community focused and offers presentations to schools giving kids the chance to hold snakes, or at least see them up close. Kids can ask questions and learn about the differences between non-venomous reptiles, like ours and and venomous snakes native to the Ozarks. We promote Captive Bred programs and share the benefits and importance of choosing Captive Bred Animals when making pet purchases . We hope to instill responsible pet ownership at a young age, teaching about the circle of life all creatures depend upon and the delicate balancing act nature fights to maintain.

Although RepStyles is technically a new business, our collective experience in animal husbandry runs very deep. Everyone in our family has grown up on a farm, raising, breeding, documenting, and learning to appreciate a large variety of animals and their specific needs. From chickens, rabbits, and hogs to horses, cows, goats, and working large breed dogs. And yes, the not so typical farm animals... Boa Constrictors, Ball Pythons, Northern Blue Tongue Skinks, Geckos, Rats, and yes, even Mealworms and Isopods. It takes a full circle.

Welcome to our Passion! We are Excited you are here!

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